// Marios Schwab / LFW_SS08

Photo by Marcio Madeira

Half Greek, half Austrian stylist Marios Schwab went “under the skin” to create this strong, feminine sexy collection with scrolled-back black braces, soft rose and yellow (to the ones who saw the fashion show, the model was there to be anatomically studied), and jersey and silk dresses which framed feminine beauty.
Jewellery remained body insight structures, like nerves and veins, which came from inside to reveal themselves.See the entire collection at

See the entire collection at http://www.style.com/ .

// Rexona goes trendy
Limited Edition by Marios Schwab

Rexona’s deodorant Clear Diamond, which doesn’t leave the awful white stains in your clothes, has a fresh new face!
That’s it!...Marios Schwab designed this limited edition of silver bottles with little black dresses combined with lilac, pink or turquoise, and different laces complete the glamour concept; each bottle has a stylised image of a woman, which can represent each one in particular, or all women, in general.Despite not being available in Portugal, this is worthwhile seeing at www.rexona.dk/crystal.

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