// The Wooden Family by Diesel

Once upon a time, the most wanted shoes were made of crystal… Nowadays it has changed… Wooden shoes are hot, believe us!

Diesel's creative team mixes modern design and fun, organic and fantastic, to create "The Wooden Shoe", beautiful nature inspired sandals, made of wood and leather.
Besides being beautiful and unusual, they are very versatil; Wearing them with or without the leather bands surrounding the feet is up to you, depending on your style.All the shoes have leather handmade soles, colourful cuts (according to the SS08 collection) beautiful details (check out the leather layers on the back), and belong to "The Wooden Family", which also features wood oversized bracelets (in shape of balls and cubes) and "The Wooden Frame Bag", made of leather and metal.


// Louis Vuitton SS08

After visiting London’s Frieze, Marc Jacobs got the inspiration he needed for the SS08 Louis Vuitton advertising campaign: a yellow vintage Dodge by Richard Prince (homaged in the last LV fashion show, where models dressed nurses suits, in tribute to his famous portraits series). Vuitton's advertising relies not only in the talent and creativity of its artistic director Marc Jacobs, but also in the yellow dodge in which six top models lie down holding the beautiful "Monogram Jokes" bags by Richard Prince (they are Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Angela Lindvall, Claudia Schiffer, Stephanie Seymour and Natalia Vodianova).

The yellow painting of the car, the shiny lipstick, the vinyl shoes and the bags' neon colours, work together for the construction of the sexy, glamorous and vintage mood of the advertising, which is, according to Marc Jacobs, "fresh air".
The campaign photographed by Katie Grandwas filmed by Zoe Cassavetes, and the backstage video is available at LV's site and Style.com.


// Tea Set Noir

England is the reign of tea, and, as we all must imagine, there are thousands of old tea sets forgotten in the charity markets and antique fairs, waiting to be (re)arranged. Fortunately, designers like Christine Misiak remember these precious antiques and put their effort on giving them a new life and a new face. Christine reconceptualizes old tea sets, making them modern again.

More than a recycling Project, Christine's collection brings together the best of old and modern world: she preserves traditional design elements and mixes them with contemporary art craft, creating unique and elegant pieces, in homage to the past and the present.

//Original Tea Set by Christine Misiak


// Great Minds Think Alike

The well known Italian fashion designer Ermenegildo Zegna chose China as location to shoot the SS 08 advertising. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and with artistic direction of Karen Joyce, this campaign was made in the ideal place, once "in China is possible to see the beauty of the traditional past, as well as the energy of the present and of the future"; this is a common point between this country and Zegna brand, which combines experience and tradition with style and technical innovation.

The campaign was divided in two parts: the one shot in the old Pequim (reminding the ancient Chiba, the history of the Forbidden City…) represents the Couture, Made to Measure, Sartoria and Upper Casual lines, as well as the accessories. In opposition, the Zegna Sport line was photographed in the modern China of urban architecture.
Zegna becomes the first luxury brand for men clothing photographing in China, reinforcing its presence in the oriental market.

// ZZegna SS08 fashion show


// Kate Moss for Longchamp

As we really find her amazing, we strongly believe Kate Moss is the right choice (for the fifth time in a row) for the Longchamp SS08 catalogue, photographed by Mario Sorrenti (who could forget the last campaign and Kate Moss with blond Bob haircut?).

With the Big Apple as scenario (in homage to the new Longchampshop in SoHo, Maison Unique) Kate Moss appears on the Brooklyn bridge or on top of a building in the fancy Manhattan, really feminine, urban and cosmopolitan; the strong colours of the photos and of the bags (Légende, Rival and Pop) were inspired by the energy and fun of the 80's.


// 83 Original Ways...

After showing the new limited edition, Adidas-Diesel's baby, we have to let you know about the campaign "83 ways to successfully waste your time"…

This campaign is a hymn to freedom and individual expression without inhibitions, an invitation to celebrate originality. Why not pillows fight? ...or petting a strange? ... Or sleeping outside? ...When was the last time you did something for the first time?Start now!


// Ray-Ban Ultra – 70 years later

Ray Ban is one of the titans of sunglasses labels, we all know that…Born in the thirties, it was perpetuated until today by cinema, fashion and music personalities… Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffanny's", Tom Cruise at "Top Gun", Bob Dylan, Maddona JF Kennedy, the main characters of "The Blue Brothers" or "Risky Business" were all in love by Ray Ban… and so do we!

For its 70th birthday, Ray-Ban launched Ray Ban Ultra, a limited edition featuring two of its well known sunglasses: Aviator and Outdoorsman (both of the thirties). The impact they had, and still have, in fashion, is the proof we needed to assume them as a piece of both tradition and irreverence.

Since the past month, 25.000 numerated authentic pieces, totally gold covered, with a unique design, are available for buying(as well as its box, created on purpose for this edition).
Looking for a special gift for someone you want to surprise? Here's the solution!


// Adidas Original denim by Diesel

February is THE month for the jeans addicts; if you are one of those persons who hit the road looking for THE jeans, don't look no more: we found them!

Diesel and Adidas worked together to create a jeans limited edition, and after four years of experiments, here is comes, the collection Adidas Original denim by Diesel , carrying the personality details of both labels.
There are two feminine and two masculine models (16 different jeans, to be more precise), all of them original, authentic and carefully detailed. Those who think jeans are just denim trousers, all alike, can forget their point of view after seeing this limited edition.

Look for it at Adidas Originals stores (exclusive point of sale); if you find Adidas' and Diesel's symbols in the same piece, congratulations: you've just opened Pandora's Box!
The slogan of the campaign promoting this co-work is " 83 ways to successfully waste your time", and invites everyone to share ideas at Adidas Original stores, on the Internet (…), appealing to personal and individual expression.


// Streets of Lisbon

// Cristina, 21
Medicine Student

// Carla, 37

// Leonor, 37
TV Stylist

// Ivan, 23
Fashion Designer

// StoryTailors // SS08

Storytailors opened the doors of their new house and showed to the public their new creations for the SS08.

// Storytaylors House
Through the Looking Glass is the new address of the fashion designers, an open door to what's beyond the image. Built in an old building which survived the eighteenth century earthquake, it is organized in three different spaces: in the ground floor you can find Street Couture collection, Narkë; going up to the mezzanine, there is the Atelier collection, the room of the private dreams, and further up, there's the secret room.

// The New Collections

// Kiss me Quick – Hype Couture
Besides being the name of traditional Portuguese cakes, " Kiss me Quick" is also the starting point for the new collection of Storytailors, conceived id collaboration with Portuguese handcraft artists and street artists, to recreate the Viana's handkerchiefs.
Made of silk, chiffon and taffeta beautiful dresses, this collection is full of handcrafted details and was developed in a pale of strong pink and green, caramel, red and bordeaux.

// Cupido e Cliché – Street Couture

Cupido e Cliché is, at the same time, a reaction and a development of the previous collection (AWo7-o8), Cheated Child.
50's inspired and very romantic, " Cupido e Cliché is a sweet collection, a candy you must eat fast"; vanilla white, rice powder pink, soft blue and raspberry red are the main tones of this natural fibre collection, full of hearts and little squares, love and optimism.

Calçada do Ferragial, 8
1200-184 Lisbon
//tlf:. (+351) 21 343 23 06


//Interview Models

After showing you the backstage of "The Party is Over", in Zoot#9, we give you now the interviews we managed to do with the models.
Rita Gonçalves, Andreia Contreras ( CentralModels ) and Julia Melnykova (EliteModels) answered our questions and curiosities, during the breaks for changing clothes and primary needs.

// Rita Gonçalves, Andreia Contreiras and Júlia Melnykova

// Tell us something about models people don't know.
They are normal persons.
AndreiaThey have cellulite.
JúliaThey are not what everyone imagines: they are nor perfect.

// Beauty secret.
Ritaalways take the make-up off.
AndreiaSleep well.
JúliaI drink a lot of tee...

// The trip of your dreams.
- Israel.
Andreia - Índia.
Júlia - Atlântida.

// Fashion designer you would love to work with.
Rita - Nicolas Ghesquière.
Andreia - Versace.
Júlia - For me, all fashion designers are valuable, I don't prefer none in particular. In Portugal, I really like Storytailors, but I have worked with them already, so…

// 3 essential characteristics for surviving in the fashion world.
- Attitude, patience and really love what you do.
Andreia -Being independent, have strength and modesty.
Júliahaving self confidence, determination and modesty. We can never forget who we are.

// Favourite piece.
Andreia - Jeans .
Júlia - Jeans .

// Sweet or salty?
- Sweet.
Andreia - Salty .
Júlia - Salty .

// Christmas or New Year's Eve?
RitaNew Year's Eve.
AndreiaNew Year's Eve.
JúliaNew Year's Eve; In Ukraine we don't celebrate Christmas as you do here in Portugal.


// The Party Is Over in ZOOT#9

Lx factory was the chosen scenario for Zoot's editorial "The party is Over". It portrays the after-party ambient, the trash-glamour, sexy but naïf at the same time, with the exact amounts of attitude, strength and sweetness.

// Models: Julia Melnykova (Elite), Andreia Contreiras and Rita Gonçalves (Central Models)
Andrea Probosch did the styling and she chose some amazing pieces: disproportional volume black Balenciaga trousers, a beautiful Twenty8Twelve dress, black Burberry sandals, Hèrmes' scarves, black Martin Margiela gloves and Tod's boots, which are simply amazing!
The degrade and strong coloured make-up (by Antónia Rosa) and the messed-up and full of volume hair (by Paulo Vieira) fitted in perfection the concept of the editorial, photographed by Alexander Koch.
Here is the Backstage.