// Ray-Ban Ultra – 70 years later

Ray Ban is one of the titans of sunglasses labels, we all know that…Born in the thirties, it was perpetuated until today by cinema, fashion and music personalities… Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffanny's", Tom Cruise at "Top Gun", Bob Dylan, Maddona JF Kennedy, the main characters of "The Blue Brothers" or "Risky Business" were all in love by Ray Ban… and so do we!

For its 70th birthday, Ray-Ban launched Ray Ban Ultra, a limited edition featuring two of its well known sunglasses: Aviator and Outdoorsman (both of the thirties). The impact they had, and still have, in fashion, is the proof we needed to assume them as a piece of both tradition and irreverence.

Since the past month, 25.000 numerated authentic pieces, totally gold covered, with a unique design, are available for buying(as well as its box, created on purpose for this edition).
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