// Adidas Original denim by Diesel

February is THE month for the jeans addicts; if you are one of those persons who hit the road looking for THE jeans, don't look no more: we found them!

Diesel and Adidas worked together to create a jeans limited edition, and after four years of experiments, here is comes, the collection Adidas Original denim by Diesel , carrying the personality details of both labels.
There are two feminine and two masculine models (16 different jeans, to be more precise), all of them original, authentic and carefully detailed. Those who think jeans are just denim trousers, all alike, can forget their point of view after seeing this limited edition.

Look for it at Adidas Originals stores (exclusive point of sale); if you find Adidas' and Diesel's symbols in the same piece, congratulations: you've just opened Pandora's Box!
The slogan of the campaign promoting this co-work is " 83 ways to successfully waste your time", and invites everyone to share ideas at Adidas Original stores, on the Internet (…), appealing to personal and individual expression.

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