// Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo was born in Uruguay, and after moving to Brazil started to design jewellery and bags. In 1975 he opened his first store in Rio de Janeiro and, since last year, his griffe label spread into the international market (NY, Egypt, India...).

The first Victor Hugo Portuguese store opened last month in Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama, selling a collection of griffe bags, which are, according to the designer, “the most personal feminine object, independent...”
The key concepts of the collection are glamour, freshness and youth.

// Presentation photos // Hotel Ritz - Lisboa

// Streets of Berlin

Photographed exclusively for BlackisBack by Yves Borgwardt, with kind support of Izaio models.

// Johannes (17)
wears New Era, H&M, Lacoste, Carharrt, DC e roupa em segunda mão

// Tobias (21)
wears Lee, Boss e roupa em segunda mão

// Ina (19)

wears Hilfiger, H&M, Levi´s

// Paula (14)
wears ONLY, Diesel, Görtz

// Romina (20)
wears H&M, Diesel e roupa em segunda mão

// Jörn (24)
wears Mexx, Boss, H&M

// Natalie (25)
wears Esprit, H&M, Görtz

// Friedel (24)
wears D&G, T-Shirt own, G-Star, Vans


// Sunglasses SS08

The presentation of the SS08 collections was awesome... As we are dying to show you news for the next summer, here are some of them.

// Hugo Boss; Balenciaga; Alexander McQueen

Influenced by glam-vintage style and some contemporary trends, Hugo Boss presents a collection in which metals are used with innovation, as well and Dolce & Gabbana (see image below)

Balenciaga’s collection, full of strong and acid colours, reflects the futuristic spirit of its creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, developing the concept of spatial iconography;

Alexander McQueen, inpired by post-modernism and the 80's, revisits the classics adding them unexpected details.

// D&G; Ray Ban; Persol;

Ray-Ban is a classic, in what concerns to sunglasses; this collection includes the reproduction of RayBan’ famous sunglasses ever, which already became fashion icons. RayBan Wayfarer is a highlight for the season.

Italian label Persol, known for its handmade tradition, presents a wonderful collection in acetate and metal, confirming its excellence since the twenties.


// Streets of London

Photographed exclusively for Black is back by John Hyam.

wears Pinko, Office, Armani, Diesel, Gusto, Mercado de Camden

Lap Dancer
wears Marks & Spencer, Primark, Market

wears TopShop, Urban Outfitters, Primark

Sales assistant (clothes shop)
wears H&M, Levi's, Converse, Benetton

wears Mayhem, Uniclo, TopShop, Retro City, Jack Wills e Mercado de Cambridge

wears Fieldsheer, TopShop, Levi's, Mercado de Camden

wears Mango, River Island, Vintage (Beyhond Retro), Market

// Marie
wears Mangano, Zhero, Reiss, Gucci, Forgot

// Shian
Assistant manager (retail)
wears H&M, Accessorize, Office, Mercado de Glastonburry

// Rock Me!

Black leather jackets are totally IN this season!

D&G, Fendi or Hèrmes are some of the brands which (re)launched rock-style jackets fever (and so, everybody followed their example!).
If you pay attention, they're everywhere!

You can go for total black look or combine it with another colours (we suggest white, red or beige); they go along very well with almost everything, in fact!
To a practical and urban look, or to a special occasion (combined with sophisticated pieces), black leather jackets are always a good option!

1. Miss Selfridge; 2. TopShop by Kate Moss; 3. D&G; 4. Ebay; 5. Gareth Pugh; 6. TopShop; 7. Only; 8. Fendi; 9. In Love with fashion;

// USB White Stripes

Are you fans of black, new technologies, White Stripes, and are you thinking of buying their new album Icky Trump? Skip the CD version, then!

Take White Stripes home by buying these pens (512 megas; Windows and Macintosh) which already have their new album inside. Jack and Meg have removable hats, hiding the USB entry.
We have to say: take your hat off!



We found Internet's Meca!

Go to Polyvore and see for yourselves. Polyvore is an online fashion gallery, where you can make your own looks. Using every available pieces and dragging them into the "set" window, you can mix everything, try different combinations, patchworks...

Besides all this, every pieces are available for shop online. Topshop, Michael Kors (...) everything is inside!

Here are some of our sets, with every pieces' details and the links, in case you want to buy some.

Come on... Give Polymore half an hour and you'll be in love! We are!

1. DressMaxStudio; Boots PHOENIX; NecklessParaphernalia;

2. DressMichael Kors; Boots TYLB; Hat FUN fashion accessories; Bracelet Juicy Couture;
Vintage clutch Chanel; GlovesTopShop; Black vanishChanel; Lipstick NARS; Mascara Chanel;

Top Phillip Lim; Jeans Republic; Parka Acne Jeans; Shoes TopShop; Bag Chanel; Cap TopShop; Ring Journeys; Sunglasses Tom Ford; Vanish Chanel; Watch George Nelson; yellow Vespa ;

Top Love Label; Skirt Jacquard; NecklessDisney Couture; Bracelet Ramone; Glasses Geek; Berret TopShop; Boots Ariella; Sofa Cindy Crawford Home Villa D'Este; Table George III;

Vintage boots Pirate Pixie; Dress Alfie; Sunglasses Fredflare; Gloves Banana Republic; Bag Celine; Perfume Chance Chanel; Red lipstick Chanel; Skirt Zac Posen;

1. Cap Bobble; Sunglasses Fredflare; Vintage T-shirt Mickey; Waistcoat TopShop; Jeans 18th Amendment; Gloves Banana Republic; Boots Gucci;
2. Scarf Henrik Vibskov; Leather coat Gareth Pugh; T-shirt Junk Food; Jeans Diesel; Boots Chippewa; Bag TopShop;

3. CapTopShop; Sungglasses RayBan; Poncho Barbara Speer; Jeans Zoovillage; Sneakers Dunk Nike;

Dress Zac Posen; Leather jacket TopShop; Boots TYLB; Vintage clutch Chanel; Broche Tarina Tarantino; Earrings Simon Alcantara Garnet; Ear Muff Oli; Black vanish Chanel


INTERVIEW_Ricardo Dourado

1. When and how did you discover the "fashion designer" in you?
When I was about 17 and I was taking a photography/video degree in school Soares dos Reis, in Oporto; my works were mainly related to fashion.

2. What are the influences of your creative process?
Architecture, Suit history and everyday life.

3. To whom do you direct your work ?
To fashion and art focused people. To someone who is looking for new products and new perspectives.

4. What was the biggest challenge of your entire carrer?
It has always been the collection to come.

5. In what projects are you working currently?
I am consultant of two textile comopanies in Oporto, where I develop a vertical product; i choose the lines, develop the materials and the piece' design. I'm a part of CITEX, where I teach streetwear and sportswear design and portfolio planning. I'm also creating the outfits for an interesting work of a coreographer friend of mine, which is studying Cindy Sherman's universe.

6. How did you come up with the idea of creating a blog?
Since a while, I wanted to have a site where people could find and see my work; as I intended to do something less institucionalized, the best option was to create a blog.

7. If you weren't a fashion designer, you would be...?
A car designer, architect, photographer or cameraman in a TV station.

8. Sweet or salty?
Definitely sweet after salty.

9. What have you been hearing lately?
Bloc party and everything from http://www.pigradio.com/
10. You cannot live whithout...
My pills.

11. Often caught...
falling, stumbling and lying.

12. Place.

13. IN & OUT.
IN - washed sneakers
OUT – leggings

14. Black is...?
The colour which never compromises me.
15. What is your opinion about Black is Back?
The new coolest blog in the city!!!

Photos by cortesy of Ricardo Dourado