//Cavalli @ H&M

After Viktor & Rolf, Kylie Minogue and Madonna created a collection for H&M, it was now Roberto Cavalli’s turn: go to H&M shops and buy the “best-of”, the greatest hits Cavalli designed, for much more affordable prizes.

Very strong, the animal pattern that he used over the years in most of his collections, and dominant colours, such as black, brown and gold/silver are an eyecatcher. Cavalli’s collection for the Swedish label has some lovely long soft dresses.
Here is our preview.


//Black is Back Halloween

Guarda-roupa Maria Gonzaga

Today is Halloween.

While we were taking a look of the Windows and the shops, we found some nice pieces for you to celebrate Halloween in great style. There’s a non-ending list of Halloween stuff, like Dracula suits, witches, skeletons, spiders, pumpkins (…)… everything is legal for you to turn this night the creepiest night of the year!

If you want to dress up for Halloween, you should visit “Almeida e Oliveira” e “Maria Gonzaga” ; they rent and sell costumes for you to celebrate the pre-holiday night (there’s plenty of parties going on tonight).

Even regular shops and Adidas have Halloween appointments… on the windows, earrings become spiders and dolls have witches’ hats on their head, and there’s a special edition of the running shoes: black sneakers with spiders.

By the way… Black is Back had its Halloween too…


//Eyewear SS08

We love sunglasses… Sunglasses are the cream of accessories and go along very well everywhere and with everything (just don’t use them in discos, in the cinema…etc…)
Besides, there’s nothing better than sunglasses in the morning after a night out… we know Summer has ended, but we just can’t get enough of sunglasses, even if it’s to face the winter sun…
Here are some Spring/Summer 08 sunglasses; plan your future shops, and get some inspiration for the present ones.

//Marc Jacobs


//Top 5

Here’s the H&M black clothes top 5.

Even here, black is back!

//DNA - Diesel New Art

DNA – Diesel New Art, is an art, design, photography and music contest created in 2003, which supports new ways of expression.

The winner of this year’s contest was Clemens Kogler with his 3 minute film “Herr Barr”, made with scans of various body parts, to question the usual film and video language.

Check also the rest of the finalists:

Helena Kågebrand, And The Phantom Said: "I Know What To Look For In You”

Nikolina Gillgren, Ritalin

Gitte Bach, Tree Roses Are Red and Swallow

Levi van Veluw, Tape & Ball-point Series; Hair, Blocks, Spirals



Having showed many black items so far, it’s time to do a different post…
Gourmet food + black sounds good to you?

That’s it… we’ve been searching for black food, and actually found some at Cook & Eat, a restaurant/shop/take away @ Oeiras, near the sea.

//Duck cream with truffles, Duo Gourmet; black salt Hawaii perle noire, Quaisud.

//Honey and fig preserve, Épicerie et Confiserie de Provence; white chocolate, Zooter.

//Venere rice, Casale Paradiso; Pasta with cuttlefish ink, Rustichella d'Abruzzo; artesian pasta Lingua Pinguino, Antonio Marella.

//Cook & Eat cafetaria, take away, loja

R. Dr. José da Cunha, 32 A

Fórum Oeiras

from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

(also at Sundays in November and December)


// Victoria Casal ft. Hello Kitty

Victoria Casal, Paris fashion icon, is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan woman; she has a jewellery collection with her own signature and a bunch of celebrities in love with her label: Hello Kitty by Victoria Couture (where she is artistic director).Always linked with Kitty, the Japanese cat, Victoria created a feminine and modern collection, made from silk and cashmere;
Besides this, she created a line of accessories (including umbrellas and shoes) and lingerie, incredibly sexy (imagine having Kitty on your underwear).


6, Place des Victoires – 75002 Paris


//Best Buy @ Rua do Norte

Rua do Norte, in Bairro Alto, is one of the places everyone should visit. Apart from good restaurants, everywhere you turn there’s a shop full of wonderful clothes and accessories. If you feel like loosing your head, go to Happy Days, Hold Me, El Dorado or Agência 117… if you want to loose some hair, go to FactoLab.
For those who can afford it, here’s a best-of of Rua do Norte shops.

Dress Gsus, at Agência 117

Boots Sugar, at Agência 117

Dress Cyberg, at ElDorado

Bag George Gina & Lucy, at Hold Me

Boots Coqluxe, at Happy Days

//On the Street

Black and white or pure colours is one of the season's trends, as well as the plexiglas' accessories.
Bob haircut, beatiful, practical and feminine.
Skeleton scarf, remembering Alexander Mcqueen.


// H&M dressing Black

We went to H&M to discover which beautiful clothes you can buy without hammering your credit card too much.
We actually found some nice pieces, beautiful tissues, textures and colours; as we are in the mood for doing “fashion stories”, we decided to mix them all with some of our favourite shoes and accessories, and here’s the result…
Sometimes, less can be more.

//A beautiful black knit jacket, decorated with pearls (Chanel style). Dress yourselves up, and mix it with leggings or skinny jeans.
Total prize//150€

//Pure colours combined with black. This jersey dress, cut in A shape, reminded us of Balenciaga.
Total prize// less than 95€

//Grey (in all variations) is one of the colours for this season. (if you mix it with black, even better!). Go for the oversized knits, which are trendy and comfortable.
You can choose between wearing this dress with leggings, pants or only boots, as we did.
Total Look//less than130€

//French style; we fell in love for this hat and for this black and white middle-length dress.
Total Look //less than145€

// Last but not least, the classic little black dress, this time with bustier and lots of volume in the skirt (rock’n roll style).
Total Look// 155€