// H&M dressing Black

We went to H&M to discover which beautiful clothes you can buy without hammering your credit card too much.
We actually found some nice pieces, beautiful tissues, textures and colours; as we are in the mood for doing “fashion stories”, we decided to mix them all with some of our favourite shoes and accessories, and here’s the result…
Sometimes, less can be more.

//A beautiful black knit jacket, decorated with pearls (Chanel style). Dress yourselves up, and mix it with leggings or skinny jeans.
Total prize//150€

//Pure colours combined with black. This jersey dress, cut in A shape, reminded us of Balenciaga.
Total prize// less than 95€

//Grey (in all variations) is one of the colours for this season. (if you mix it with black, even better!). Go for the oversized knits, which are trendy and comfortable.
You can choose between wearing this dress with leggings, pants or only boots, as we did.
Total Look//less than130€

//French style; we fell in love for this hat and for this black and white middle-length dress.
Total Look //less than145€

// Last but not least, the classic little black dress, this time with bustier and lots of volume in the skirt (rock’n roll style).
Total Look// 155€

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