//INTERVIEW Sebastian Smith


What is your impression about this year’s ModaLisboa?
I think it’s better than the last season; I’ve seen some good fashion shows. I think my favourite, so far, is White Tent. It was brilliant… everything: the textures, the colours (they brought down three: black, white and grey). I was very impressed with the entire production!
Katty Xiomara is always one of my favourites. I really enjoyed what she did last year…and everything she did this year is fantastic. I had the chance to see the clothes personally, check everything and even the samples were done so well… I like the details, the small tiny details that make the clothes elements of style. Her pieces are, all of them, must-haves. Besides, her stuff is very versatile: you can dress up, or dress down, and to me, that’s what’s going to make her stuff classic pieces; in 10 years the clothes that she does now are going to be considered vintage.

Who’s the model you would like to work with?
Actually, we get the girls that we want… there’s this girl, Júlia, a russian model, who is fantastic.
In your opinion, who is a real top-model, the best you’ve ever worked with?
I did a shoot with this girl Erin (Marylin Models, NY); she’s a hot girl right now, and she’s fantastic, amazing.
As soon as you got her in front of the camera, everything clicks! Not every beautiful girl should model… if she doesn’t have the passion, the attitude, it’s not worth it. But this one does.

What’s the difference between working with male and female models?
Differently from what most people think, it’s easier to work with men then with women. In editorials, male models have a typical look, very strong. To me, male models are props to female models.
But it comes down to you shoot what you’re passionate about; I’m passionate about women and about making fashion, so these are the two things I choose.
But there are photographers out there who do male photography very well.
Are you enjoying Portugal?
I love it, it’s a wonderful place to visit. It’s visually stimulating, because everywhere you look, you have wonderful things to photograph.
I went to Sintra… I saw the castle, and to me, it’s a beautiful place to go; it reminds me Cinderela’s castle…and we don’t have castles in the states.

Places to visit in NY
Maracujá – a bar in Brooklyn, with a wwonderful patio; It’s THE place to go; whenever some friends visit me in NY, this is the first place I take them to.
Café Noir – Soho; It has the best food in all NY and it’s lovely; when I’m there, I’m not in NY anymore, but in Morocco or something like that. It’s an amazing experience.
Times Square. Although it’s very touristy, you can’t go to NY and miss Times Square. The lights, the mood, I mean, it’s magnetic… It’s known all over the world and once you go there, you’ll never forget it.
Central Park bridge, for those special moments, which become magical here.
IN & OUT in NY
Messy hair – IN // Bikes – IN // Vespas – OUT // Ballerina shoes – OUT

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