// MILAN Fashion Week

// Spring/Summer 08

MilanFashionWeek started on the 24th September, showing the collections for the next summer, once more, a lot of black! Etro, Moschino, Gucci, EmporioArmani and Iceberg are some of the fashion shows we would love you to see.





Emporio Armani

Photos by Marcio Madeira

A mix of Chanel, sporty style and surrealism is the proposal of Moschino and its kitsch collection. The seventies influence Etro’s bohemian clothes and fifties wastes are the starting point of Gucci’s fashion show.

Don’t miss any of this. And, most important of all, do not miss our fashion week ModaLisboa, starting on the 11th October.




Yesterday, at 9.45 pm, a new show (which was great) has been transmitted at Sic Radical.
We loved it, and so here’s our suggestion.

Following the program editors:
“No, this is not another boring cultural show.”
Fuzz informs you about everything connected with urban lifestyle which doesn’t have the broadcasting in another TV shows; it is like a weekly magazine that keeps you posted about alternative happenings and that establishes a bridge between national and international culture, talking about the cities’ life.
Everything has SubFilmes signature, which was asked to produce FUZZ by SIC Radical;
“Hold your breath, for 25minutes, every week; Fuzz this!”


ModaLisboa moved.
From 11 to 14 october, at Cidadela de Cascais,
The national fashion designers will present their Spring/Summer 2008 collections.
Don’t miss Black is Back, because we will be there and keep you up to everything. ModaLisboa MOVE!
Come on, people, and move!



//Mundo Mix PT

FASHION at Mundo Mix
// 29th and 30th October
Cidadela de Cascais

This weekend, go and see Mercado Mundo Mix at Cidadela de Cascais. Besides being a market which sells design and decoration stuff from young talents, the collections from the finalists of Fashion Designer degree (from Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa) will be available for sell.
Among these young designers, watch closely Ivan Martins’ work, which we particularly like.
Ivan Martins

Saturday, at 6pm you can shake your bodies to the sound of “The Poppers”, and Sunday (also at 6), go for “Dapunksportif”’s rock.
Everything for… 0 euros!


//PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro

// 20.Sept.07
Agência 117
Bairro Alto , 7pm

Puma and Mihara Yasuhiro, a famous Japanese designer, worked one more time together to create a beautiful collection for the F/W 07/08.

Inspired by fiction and humanoid creatures (it doesn’t sound so nice, but it is!) this futuristic collection has an unfinished look and is a sublimation of details; the tube shapes in the sneaker’s soles and the metallic leathers (silver and gold) represent the concepts of displayed wires and basic mechanisms.

Besides all this, there was the book’s (PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro) launch; a connection between art and photography made in collaboration with four Japanese contemporary artists, which celebrates the several years in which Puma and Mihara Yasuhiro worked together (this book is a sort of visual archive of all the sneakers designed by Mihara for Puma – since the MY-1 until the MY-27).



We can confirm: Black is back! (For good!). Since Coco Chanel’s little black dress, it is the colour to present yourself: sophisticated, universal, glamorous and discrete (indiscrete sometimes, ok!). Well, that’s who we are…we’re black, and so are you.

// LONDON Fashion Week

// Spring / Summer 2008
15th/ 20th // September 2007

WARNING: put your seatbelts on, ladies and gentleman.
We’re leaving to see London Fashion Week coolest fashion shows. Fashion shows we’re about to show you, can only be fabulous! The trends for Spring/Summer are gorgeous: from Gareth Pugh (the clothes are not usable, but very conceptual, beautiful…and black) to Luella (a mix of the English and American punk style, with cartoons in which the models look like 60’s dolls in Batman masks), LondonFashionWeek was awesome, and Black was always there!
Gareth Pugh


Armand Basi


Danielle Scut

Photos by Marcio Madeira


// Marios Schwab / LFW_SS08

Photo by Marcio Madeira

Half Greek, half Austrian stylist Marios Schwab went “under the skin” to create this strong, feminine sexy collection with scrolled-back black braces, soft rose and yellow (to the ones who saw the fashion show, the model was there to be anatomically studied), and jersey and silk dresses which framed feminine beauty.
Jewellery remained body insight structures, like nerves and veins, which came from inside to reveal themselves.See the entire collection at

See the entire collection at http://www.style.com/ .

// Rexona goes trendy
Limited Edition by Marios Schwab

Rexona’s deodorant Clear Diamond, which doesn’t leave the awful white stains in your clothes, has a fresh new face!
That’s it!...Marios Schwab designed this limited edition of silver bottles with little black dresses combined with lilac, pink or turquoise, and different laces complete the glamour concept; each bottle has a stylised image of a woman, which can represent each one in particular, or all women, in general.Despite not being available in Portugal, this is worthwhile seeing at www.rexona.dk/crystal.


// On the Street

Middle length dresses are always nice; besides that, they’re comfortable and very girly.
Skinny jeans, as you can see, are unisex! Use and abuse, gentleman!


// LEE – Make History

Lee’s advertising campaign is super! (and so the collection). Launched at Bread and Butter, in Barcelona, it is a black and white history made with real histories, from all around the world. It’s always good to know that we can express our individuality as subjects, isn’t it?
Here are some of the photos we liked the most.
If you want to see the rest, go to http://www.makehistory.eu/.


Seems hard to believe, but JLo, Eva Herzigova, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johanson did not model Louis Vuitton’s advertising campaign this season. Vuitton booked a bald man in his mid fifties instead! Guess who?.... Mikail Gorbatchev! Who got the better financial deal (supermodel or superpolitician) in the end, is for them to know and for us to wonder…
Take a good look at a good man.

// TIME OUT Lisboa / launch party@LUX

From 26th September onwards, move your lazy bottoms to your local newsagent and check on the new launched Portuguese version of TIME OUT! We haven’t seen the magazine yet, but one thing we can tell is that the TIME OUT launch party at Lux was amazing: Beautiful people, nice atmosphere, great sangria, and some delicious chocolates that put an end to our non-fat diet…Despite all the hype, editor João Sepeda found the time to answer three questions:

How do you expect the public to react, having TIME OUT in Portugal?
I believe it will be fine. Lisbon seems to be the one European capital that does not have a cultural guide yet; we should not have to worry too much about competition.
Besides, the magazine is not expensive (€ 2), and it will come out every week. I’m really optimistic
How is TIME OUT Portugal related to fashion?
Fashion is one of TIME OUT’s main subjects. We shall have a fashion-focused shopping section and give coverage to events like MODA LISBOA.
Describe Time Out, in three words.
Irreverent, innovative and useful.

Ana Salazar and friend, João Brilha and Raquel Strada

Mariana Saraiva

// TH Inside’s Noise – Listening Pictures

TOMMY HILFIGER goes to Berlin
TH Inside’s Noise – Listening Pictures

10:00 – We arrived to the Office.
10:03 – We opened our mail.
10:03:27 – We were dashed.
10:03:31 – We realized we have just been invited to TH exhibition, in Berlin.
10:03:56 – We got real; we really have to stay in Lisbon.

In the 20th September, Berlin is going to have the international premier of TH, where image, music, art and design touch each other.
As far as we know, “NOISE” is based in the different ways of sound perception, motivating the visitors to experience the image’s sound.
This exhibition is inspired in the suggestive music power, in its evocative capacity (associated, in first place, to the personal choice) and in the way music contributes to our aesthetic choices.

Artists in exhibition: Brandon Lattu, Christian Patterson, Robin Graubard, Slater Bradley, Tim Barber e Olef Wolberger

// From September 20 to October 3, at Falckenstreisse 47/48, Berlin, Germany.

// On the Street

Baggy clothes for the practical occasions.
Black is always a good option, be it stand alone or mixed with pure colours.


// NIKE 35 years

At September 12, we went to Nike’s “anniversary party”. It was awesome! For its 35 years party, we were told Nike’s life story, through 3 installations, in three different places:

The Running Company: 35 Years of RunningI

NIKE VINTAGE, at Outra face da Lua

(where you can find the Running Vintage collection)

MUD/EIRA at Kolovrat Concept Store

NIKE AT NOOD, at Nood (The Running Footwear Collection).

First we went to Outra Face da Lua; to embody 70’s athletes and vintage spirit, we were given a moustache each, and this moment was caught for good with a Polaroid. (to make it even more perfect, we should have been given a pair of Nike Windrunner each, as well!).
Next on the list was Lidija Kolovrat’s studio, decorated with elements and installations related to Nike`s running spirit. We also have to tell you about Chakall’s catering, which was simply fabulous (pineapple and mint daiquiris, tiramisu, raspberry cream, shrimp…oh la la).
At Nood, they surprised us with Andre Kano’s drawings on the wall. Inspired by Japanese Manga comics, they pictured the stories of some of the most successful Nike sneakers.
We have to say: congratulations!

Carla Belchior

Sandra Pereira

Ana Rita Ferreira and Marta Duarte

Lidija Kolovrat

Dino Alves and Luís Pereira

A Outra Face da Lua
Rua da Assunção, 22 (Baixa)

From Monday until Saturday – 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Kolovrat Concept Store
Rua do Salitre, 169 (Príncipe Real)

From Monday until Friday – 11 a.m. – 7 pm.

Saturday – 2,30 p.m – 6,30 p.m.


Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, nº20 (Chiado)

From Sunday until Thursday – midday to midnight

Friday and Saturday – midday to 2,00 a.m.



Chapéu Francesco Biasia @ Soul

HUGO BOSS bracelets

Dolce Gabanna glasses

As usual, we went for a walk at downtown Lisbon, and we couldn’t resist going window-shopping. We shouldn’t have done it… because as the shops have lots of cool stuff, we spent all afternoon in and out, kind of “mummy-please-give-me-one-of-those”! We fell in love with a bunch of things, which we’re about to show:
Francesco Biasia’s hats @ Soul, which are perfect for sunny or rainy days; Boss bracelets, and Dolce and Gabbana’s glasses.
Go ahead and buy it if you can afford!

// Human After All

This is the new slogan from Diesel’s advertising campaign for the winter, in which futuristic backgrounds show us perpetual fashion references.

// In&Out


by Dino Alves
(fashion designer)

Going out early in the evening
Long leggings
Just leggings

by Antonia Rosa
(make-up artist)

Walking in Monsanto (in Lisbon) or in Parque da Cidade (in Oporto)
Biologic make-up
Travel as much as you can
5 stars hotels


by Dino Alves
(fashion designer)

Going out late, in the evening
Short leggings
Leggings under other clothes
Driving everywhereGold

by Antonia Rosa
(make-up artist)

To pron yourself from anything
Meeting boring people



Antónia Rosa e Dino Aves
by Thomas Probosch

// MTV EuropeMusicAwards

The Vicious Five are amongst the nominees for a new MTV awards category- New Sounds of Europe – which awards the best music projects in each country.

You can vote until 1st November; of course we’ve already done it!

14th MTV EMA edition / Munique, 1st November