// TH Inside’s Noise – Listening Pictures

TOMMY HILFIGER goes to Berlin
TH Inside’s Noise – Listening Pictures

10:00 – We arrived to the Office.
10:03 – We opened our mail.
10:03:27 – We were dashed.
10:03:31 – We realized we have just been invited to TH exhibition, in Berlin.
10:03:56 – We got real; we really have to stay in Lisbon.

In the 20th September, Berlin is going to have the international premier of TH, where image, music, art and design touch each other.
As far as we know, “NOISE” is based in the different ways of sound perception, motivating the visitors to experience the image’s sound.
This exhibition is inspired in the suggestive music power, in its evocative capacity (associated, in first place, to the personal choice) and in the way music contributes to our aesthetic choices.

Artists in exhibition: Brandon Lattu, Christian Patterson, Robin Graubard, Slater Bradley, Tim Barber e Olef Wolberger

// From September 20 to October 3, at Falckenstreisse 47/48, Berlin, Germany.

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