//Interview Models

After showing you the backstage of "The Party is Over", in Zoot#9, we give you now the interviews we managed to do with the models.
Rita Gonçalves, Andreia Contreras ( CentralModels ) and Julia Melnykova (EliteModels) answered our questions and curiosities, during the breaks for changing clothes and primary needs.

// Rita Gonçalves, Andreia Contreiras and Júlia Melnykova

// Tell us something about models people don't know.
They are normal persons.
AndreiaThey have cellulite.
JúliaThey are not what everyone imagines: they are nor perfect.

// Beauty secret.
Ritaalways take the make-up off.
AndreiaSleep well.
JúliaI drink a lot of tee...

// The trip of your dreams.
- Israel.
Andreia - Índia.
Júlia - Atlântida.

// Fashion designer you would love to work with.
Rita - Nicolas Ghesquière.
Andreia - Versace.
Júlia - For me, all fashion designers are valuable, I don't prefer none in particular. In Portugal, I really like Storytailors, but I have worked with them already, so…

// 3 essential characteristics for surviving in the fashion world.
- Attitude, patience and really love what you do.
Andreia -Being independent, have strength and modesty.
Júliahaving self confidence, determination and modesty. We can never forget who we are.

// Favourite piece.
Andreia - Jeans .
Júlia - Jeans .

// Sweet or salty?
- Sweet.
Andreia - Salty .
Júlia - Salty .

// Christmas or New Year's Eve?
RitaNew Year's Eve.
AndreiaNew Year's Eve.
JúliaNew Year's Eve; In Ukraine we don't celebrate Christmas as you do here in Portugal.

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