// RICARDO PRETO_fashion designer // Interview

If you were not a fashion designer, you would be…?
A singer.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a fashion designer in Portugal?
The same as in any other profession; It has some good and some bad points, as everything does.
Who would you love to dress? Julianne MooreWhat’s your craziest outfit ever?A jersey body (my favourite material) that made everyone think that the model was naked on the catwalk.
What do you think about the total black look?
Total black is a classic.
Which are your must-haves for this season?
All the aesthetic changes, which happened in shoes, especially women shoes, make it a must-have; purses XXL; lace; trench coats.

What do you feel about showing the clothes you’ve created for Canon’s Project “We Speak Image” in the Fashion Weeks of London, Paris, Milan and Lisbon?
I feel happy; whenever a big company sponsors you (as Nike also does) and asks you to create, you feel like working and make your bounds stronger.

This year your clothes are being industrially produced. What are the advantages and disadvantages of that?
This allows me to reach my main goal, which is another kind of commerce. I would like to produce clothes on a big scale, because it makes the clothes cheaper.The fact that I’m making clothes in very small quantities makes it more expensive and I would like to change that.

Backstage Ricardo Preto ModaLisboa / AW07


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