// FRANÇOIS LE CALVEZ // Interview

//François le Calvez
Booker from Metropolitan Models, Paris

Are you enjoying Portugal?

I’ve only had good surprises, so far. In Paris, everyone think they know everything about the fashion world and here it’s not like that; everybody knows each other, everybody wants to improve, everyone has a challenge, and that’s great!

What do you think about “Portuguese fashion”, in general?

Well, I didn’t have the time to go for a walk and have attention to that kind of stuff, so I’m not able to talk about it… not yet.

Are you enjoying the fashion shows?

Yes, I’ve had some really nice surprises. Lots of fashion designers are doing new things… I like particularly the colours they use. Such as…?Hmm... the fashion shows I loved the most were Isabella Capeto (the guest designer), Miguel Vieira, which reminds me of YSL style, and Dino Alves; he’s really eccentric, but I loved it!

What do you think about Portuguese models?

I found some beautiful girls here! Although here in Portugal the girls are a little bit more commercial than in France, there are two in particular, that I would like to take with me.
And who are the girls? I love Milena (Milena Cardoso –
LoftModels),I “fell in love” with her, I think she’s great and I really want her to come to Paris. The other girl is Milene (Milene Veiga – CentralModels), a blond girl, which would be perfect… she’s been doing great on the catwalk.

Who’s your favourite model?

Irina K (Trump Managment, NY). She’s now doing “Daisy”, for Marc Jacobs, and she also did DKNY. It’s always a pleasure to work with her. She’s one of my girls, and I’m so proud of her. When you really believe in their potential and then they manage to have success, that’s great! (Irina Kulikova, was born and raised in Moscow, where Liv Tyler discovered her. She did the Fall’07 CK campaign in NY, she opened Prada’s fashion show in Milano, she did YSL in Paris, amongst many others - Jil Sander, Gucci, Miu Miu, Chloé...)

Tell us what is In and Out in Paris.
Well, that’s a tuff question. Hhmmmm out is wearing skinny jeans if you are more than thirty years old. In… shiny shoes, definitely (pointing down to his feet. He did wear some).

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