3.00 p.m. – Lara Torres
4.00 p.m. – Ricardo Dourado
5.00 p.m. – Nuno Gama
6.00 p.m. – Anabela Baldaque
7.00 p.m.– Ricardo Preto
8.00 p.m. – ADD.UP Osvaldo Martins
9.00 p.m. – Nuno Baltazar

And we arrive to the last day of ModaLisboa; everyone wait for what is yet to come… Here's the best of the day 04 (and perhaps, the best of all the fashion shows).

"Mimesis I: Estudos" was Lara Torres' presentation, which includes her collection for the next season and the studies for the experimental Mimesis project. Lara Torres made art from the clothes: the pieces, with a fragmentary silhouette, gained a sculptural character; the colors were only black and beige and the materials were cotton, silk, linen, latex, porcelain, leather and silver.

Ricardo Dourado was inspired by the light, the color effects, the present moment and retro culture to create his collection; Structured cotton and silk pieces create an elongated silhouette (which can also be oversized, because of the layers). Red and Gold, fire tons, and fringes: for modern strong women!

// Nuno Gama.

Homaging the sexually confident men and his social evolution, Nuno Gama presented "Fetiche Sport Couture Club", full of contrasts (in what concerns to materials and to pieces combination). The traditional image of Barcelos' Rooster was recreated by the fashion designer, as well as the sado-maso culture.

Anabela Baldaque presented "Giroflé", where squares, chess, scratches, balls and flowers went along very well. A fresh and girly collection made in light tissues and in soft colors (red, pink, lilac, blue and green).

//Anabela Baldaque

Ricardo Preto took the cake of the night. "Fake Empire" opened with the music of "The National" with the same name, and is a clean, geometric collection. The starting points of Ricardo were Mike Scott (Waterboys), the twenties, the art déco, and a 70's documentary called "Grey Gardens"; unusual tissues are used to do rigid structured pieces in beautiful colors (caramel, white, ice blue, black... "The color is the total look").

We loved the tropical pattern jacket and the music closing the fashion show.

//Ricardo Preto

//ADD.UP Osvaldo Martins

Around 8.30 p.m., Osvaldo Martins showed his collection, which combines the formal and the informal to dress a male which is confident on his own individuality. Sober colors and materials such as satin, wool, leather and serge make this detailed vintage inspired collection. We loved the origami, the Jewish moustaches and the last piece to go: underwear saying "applause!"

//Nuno Baltazar

Nuno Baltazar closed the catwalk of ModaLisboa. Inspired in the work of the 20's fashion photographer Hoyningen-Huene, Nuno had a live music performance and a singer on stage to present "Divers", a feminine, chic and discrete collection, which recreates the "haute-couture". Photo colors, such as sepia, black and white and tissues like linen, satin and silk were the chosen ones to this collection in which masculine and feminine, fluid and structured contrasted very well. Pearls and crystals, a piano and beautiful women... a good way of closing ModaLisboa. Day 04 – Over

ModaLisboa MOVE – Over!

See you next year!

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