// Zoot featuring Ana Isabel

We arrived at Lx Factory, first thing in the morning, went to pull a coffee at Lx Factory’s own “outside the studio coffee machine”, there she was: Beautiful Ana Isabel…
We witnessed the whole shooting backstage, taking photos and observing everything, to show you some of the procedure.
There was plenty of activity, lots of work, and loads of coffee on a day like this… that we can assure you.

Here’s the schedule:
10.00 – Arrival at Lx Factory.10.12 – We met Ana Isabel

10.35 – Hair and make-up

12.23 – Beginning of the photo shoot.…until 20.46 – photos, photos and so on… (with some cigarette breaks in-between, of course… oh, and at 18.12 we stood about three minutes admiring the wonderful Chanel black knitwear jacket the model used).

21.02- Ana Isabel took off her make-up…. And she was beautiful, still.

PhotographerThomas Probosch
StylingDino Alves assisted by Ivan Martins

Make-upAntónia Rosa assisted by Chung

Hair-stylistPaulo Vieira

Model – Ana Isabel (L’Agence models)

Backstage – Black is Back (Mariana e Tiago)

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