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Imagine yourselves sitting in your sofa, buying clothes, actually having the opportunity of seeing how they fit the body, without having to move…

Now it’s possible to do this; it is only one click away!

Diesel shows, once again, its innovative abilities, by creating an on-line store: Diesel Digital Style Lounge, which offers you a huge amount of products, showing an interactive gallery where you can find not only clothes but also accessories, underwear and jeans (which were, until now, only available in Tokyo, London and NY).

The 3Dmodels with the latest Diesel looks, living in an underwater/distant space scenario, kind of “matrix” futuristic ambient, allows you to “try the clothes”, see how they fit and react to the body in motion.

The futuristic mood of this project was inspired by / based on “Liquid Space”, the preview for the SS08 collection which has been presented in June this year in Florence.
The usual catwalk fashion show was replaced by an entertainment multimedia show, in which holograms were side by side with real models, sea creatures completing the liquid space scenario.
Every month, new products will be available for shopping, so the scenario can only get better and better!

// According to Renzo Rosso, “by creating a digital gallery, we allow our fans all around the world a unique and stimulating experience.”

We agree!
Now, we can only wait for other labels to follow Diesel’s example.

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