// XXL Bag fever!!!

And the fever continues. XXL bags, practical but elegant, in black (which is the color of fashion, besides going along very well with almost everything).
After Longchamp’s “Legend”, Louis Vuitton is now the centre of all attentions, because of “Lockitt Suhali” and “Mahina”.

// Lockit Suhali

Lockitt Suhali has a classical, sophisticated look.
Made in black leather, it is, at the same time, delicate and resistent; the gold details (as well as the gold lock with LV’s monogram) remember us of the urban-chic style.
It is available in four sizes (from the little one to the travel size), so you have plenty of choices.

// Mahima

Differently from what is usual (the usual brown pattern) this bag exists in grey and black, and is monochromatic. It is simply perfect to carry all the stuff we are used to take everywhere with us (choose between XL or XXL), and to respond to the needs of urban women.
The LV monogram is now prepierced in the leather, following the texturizes leather trend of this season.

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