// Boutique Dior - Paris

In 1947, n. º30 of Montaigne Avenue became an emblematic place for the fashion world. Christian Dior was opening the "Boutique de Colifichets", where he presented his first collection, "New Look". Without knowing, Dior was changing, for good, the world of fashion and the concept of luxury and griffe.

To celebrate Dior's 60 anniversary, this boutique was refurnished. Architect Peter Marino gave it a new look (just like Dior did with high couture in '47), creating a symbioses between past and present.
If you are planning to go to Paris shortly, go and visit this intimate atmosphere boutique where you can not only see Dior's classical pieces, but also appreciate the artwork of some contemporary artists, such as van der Straeten and Aldo Chale.

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