// HBOX Hermès

Since 28th November the Centre Pompidou in Paris is exhibiting the Hermès project Hbox, created by Didier Fiuza (Portuguese artist and architect) and Benjamin Weil (director of Artists Space, NY).

Hbox is a mobile video space, showing the work of eight video artists, coming from different countries and cultures (each year, four new artists substitute four of the previous); this project sees the video as a moving art through the world, proportioning the reencounter of different publics and concepts.

After Pompidou, Hermès "black box" will be at MUSAC (Léon, Spain) and MUDAM(Luxembourg), as well as in other places of Europe, Asia and America.

Let's hope it will come to Lisbon, too…

// Current artists in exhibition: Alice Anderson, Yael Bartana, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Dora Garcia, Judith Kurtág, Valérie Mréjen, Shahryar Nashat and Su-Mei Tse

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