We decided to go shopping at a different place.

At 8.00 AM there we were, in the freezing cold, going down the street to catch the 28 tram; ten minutes later, and there was the Ladra market.

As we went early in the morning (and it really was cold), there were not many people yet, so we managed to see the entire fair and look carefully for something interesting.We saw everything, literally: electric stuff, antiques, shoes, clothes, coins, postcards, letters written a long, long time ago, barbie's and ken's, used make-up, little bottles of cream, which were told us to be "Caléche" from Hermès (though it smelled like cheap soap), handcrafted stuff and beautiful original 60's sunglasses.We bought two of them; the first ones, John Lennon style (totally in now) were told us to be original "Ran Michelle" (whatever that is, we don't know), and so, the € 5 barrier was crossed; the second ones were 60's originals, and the salesman said they were really "Brojite Bordeaux" style!

We fell in love with a black and purple Portuguese folk scarf (perfect for cold days like this), and with a black hat (leather imitation) worthy of a muscovite walking around the Red Square.

Once animal patterns are in, a blouse for € 1 sounded really nice! Here's the proof that we didn't resist!Then came the accessories: a beautiful silver bracelet, one black leather coin-keeper, and a '71 Portuguese fashion magazine, called "Modas e Bordados".

//Ladra Market+ 20 euros: MUST DO!


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