// John Travolta is alive...it's ABSOLUT DISCO!!!

Picture yourselves walking around through Lisbon... people shopping, traffic, the usual movement... suddenly, you see these four guys, dressing 70's clothes and dancing to disco sound in the middle of the street (you look for John Travolta hidden in some corner and looking 30 years older, but you cannot find him!)

Last week, some of you certainly saw this scenario, because ABSOLUT brought the party to the streets of Lisbon.

Four friends, in disco style (as you can obviously notice), walked through the city, making dance floors in the most unusual places you can imagine (metro stations, bus stops...), and ended the day with this huge party at Fragil.

We were there, and we danced a lot!

This Absolut initiative uses the special Christmas pack from absolute (a bottle covered with mirrors, like the disco balls) to recreate the 70's mood; once you hang the bottle, the only thing you can do is dance! "Dance anywhere, anyhow, anytime"

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