//Black is Back

And yet another blog!

Oh, no... Not like that; like this: Here comes THE blog!

It is called Black-is-back, sponsored by RexonaCrystal and fed by an editorial team, which is certainly going to rock the closets, the streets and the catwalks.

One blog, where the color black is king, sometimes sitting in a futuristic, sometimes in a retro throne (or any other one which is IN!)

The Portuguese fashion blog about black, eternal, intense, passionate black!

We promise to be everywhere all the time, and to pay attention to the most important things going on in the front line.

We'll feed you the news of this irresistible glamorous universe as well as exclusive interviews.

Our intention is to inform you about the trends and go behind the scenes at fashion shows and shootings backstage.

We'll check all shops and agendas, so you won't miss anything of importance, and we'll be walking the streets checking on the real people and their fashion!

Come visit us!

Because Black is Back!...for good!

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