// Black this season (FW07/08)

Alexander McQueen photo by Márcio Madeira

Boss Orange photo by Boss Orange

Gareth Pugh photo by Márcio Madeira

Energie photo by Energie

Dsquared2 photo by Márcio Madeira

Diesel photo by Diesel

Anna Sui photo by Márcio Madeira

Vivienne Westwood photo by Márcio Madeira

Miss Sixty photo by Miss Sixty

For the fall and the winter, the starting point is glamour! 40’s waists glamour, classic colours’, white skins, skirt and suit…
The waists ask for large and structured belts for a strong and sexy look; dress a skinny skirt or a winter coat…whatever you feel like… as long as you use belts, you are all right.Mini skirts are gone (sorry dear Mary Quant), and you can as well pack the long ones. Go for mini dresses or opt for the midi length (in skirts or trousers); with this clothes avoid using short heels shoes; go for highs: high heels platforms (super!), stilettos, ankle boots… it’s up to you as long as you pass the 5cm. barrier.
Besides leather (which appears creatively worked this season) and vinyl, knits are another must-have; Use oversized knits (whether a cardigan or a jumper), play with volumes and contrasts (another winter highlight), with disproportion…The pure colours are hot! Use them alone or combined with black, which is the favourite colour of fashion; for this season, use black in his different textures and combine it as you like the most!.. You’re free to do that.

To carry your cell phone, keys (and everything people usually carry in their bags), XXL bags arrived for good. You must have one because, besides being trendy, they are very practical. If you prefer another style, you can go for a leather clutch, which is always nice. Just don’t forget to combine the colours of your bag and your clothes.

The essential, the one thing you must always have in mind: leggings, lots of leggings, just leggings! Since they are long (because the short ones are sooo out!), you can choose lots of different materials and colours (but we have to tell you: don’t forget black is, always, black!)

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