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For the campaign we invited top model Amanda Johnson. She was born in Florida and is based in London. Amanda was kind enough to answer some questions:

Tell us about your favourite assignments.

As hard as is seems, fashion is a business very glamorous from the outside, but which sometimes put the emphasis on very unworthy things. Some of the works I loved the most were riding an helicopter to do a photo shoot, or dancing with dwarfs on a castle, in Germany.

Who’s your model heroine?

I’ve never been one of those who think models should be considered role models or heroes; the work we do is just a regular job.
Some of my heroes are Amelia Earheart, Patti Smith and Carson McCullers. If I had to choose a model, it would be Lee Miller (but se is so much more than just a model).

Leather or vinyl?

Sorry, sweet animals, but leather, always! People live well with the idea of killing them, but then contradict themselves saying that it’s wrong to wear them. I agree with the native-american philosophy of using the entire animal.

Are you enjoying Lisbon?

I always wanted to visit Potugal and I’m very happy to be here, even if it’s just for a few days. I think everything is beautiful here, and I hope to come back soon. Thank you for having me!

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