// TERU Interview

// Hair-stylist
Japanese based in London hair-stylist

Teru is a Japanese hair stylist based in London, and he was with us in Lisbon to do the photo shooting for our advertising campaign.

Here are his hair trends for the winter:
Clean, shiny, and stylised.
The bitchy look was very IN before, but now trends are changing; now we want a much more sexy and sophisticated look. Use lots of gel and hairspray, it works!

Tell us about your hair accessories company.
First I used to work for the big companies, such as Vidal Sassoon or Tony & Guy. Six years ago, I decided to join an independent team, “Team Propaganda Hair”, which exists since 1999 and is inspired by the Bless (two German designers, working in Paris).
We realised that only fashion designers were doing hair accessories, concluded that hair stylists should do it as well, and so we started working on handmade hair accessories. That’s what we’re doing to the present.

//IN & OUT by Teru

IN // Banksy (graphic designer); patchworks; bob haircut
OUT // Highlights; Straight hair

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