This season, Converse offers you a huge amount of choices: the typical All Star (rocker style, military look or Hollywood trash glamour), One Star, Weapon, or the Saylor Jerry line (inspired in the 50’s American culture of artwork and tattoos).
Following a time line, this label developed five different clothing collections: Legend (celebrating its 100 years of existence), Basket (inspired in the 100 points Witt Chamberlain did in the game against Philadelphia Warriors in 1962), Army (military look), Rock and Music (because music and Converse have a very close relation, since always), and All Star People (to Converse fans: the all times clothes to the all times fans)

// A little bit of history

Massachussets, 1908 – Marquis Mills Converse decided to produce rubber soled shoes.
Since that day on, he never stopped.
In 1917, especially designed for Basket Ball players, the “All Star” appeared, and came to stay (until today, actually!); remember James Dean, Elton John, David Bowie? All of them had a pair!
Other Converse successful sneakers are the Jack Purcell, created by the badmington player in 1935, rubber soled and with his smile on the front, and bought by Converse in 1972.

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