//H&M featuring Cavalli

At 9 a.m. people were queuing outside H&M. The red carpet showed something different was about to happen (as well as coffee was being served, that quite unusual...).

The doors opened and the chaos started! Fifteen minutes later, almost all Cavalli pieces were gone; when we arrived at 9.15h, there was very little left (to be honest, we're expecting something like it as the streets were crowded with people carrying Cavalli/H&M bags).

We managed to buy a little something for ourselves, right after we went to see what people shopped and their opinion about the collection.

Tiago Tomé
20 years
Bought a pair of shoes and a belt. According to Tiago, this was the best fashion designer's collection H&M ever did.

Inês Coelho
20 years
Managed to buy leopard patterned tights and a man's shirt.

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