// How wrong can we be?

While visiting "The Wrong Shop" (which is nothing but right!), we found the so-called strategic souvenirs, the most interesting, originals, unusual and ironic greetings of Lisbon.
The Wrong Shop brings out of its concept icons of Portuguese folk and tradition, such as Santo António or Barcelos' Rooster, and shows their kitsch and funny side.

Concrete candies, Tower of Pisa's, Big Ben's or Atomium's t-shirts with the lettering "This is not Lisbon", engagement origami rings, a painting of Mona Lisa holding a banana, design accessories, broche and bags with tourist Lisbon routes are some of the pieces you can buy here and which awaken us of the ways of being and living in Portugal.

The question is “How wrong can we be?”

The Wrong Shop
Calçada do Sacramento, Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 213 433 197

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