// IN-VENTO by Kolovrat Concept

Lidija Kolovrat presented her "IN-VENTO" in 7th December, at Kolovrat Concept Store.

We were at the presentation and came back later to her atelier to photograph and understand IN VENTO's concept, bags thought to be an extension of the women's bodies, a second skin.

This new bag line explores Jeanne d'Arc theme, mixes sensuality and discipline, strength and elegance. It works squares and circles, opposite geometric shapes, to make the form redundant.

IN VENTO useful and versatile bags, made for contemporary women, are available in different sizes, patterns and textures. If you are not thinking in buying one, go see it then… Surprise yourselves!

//Kolovrat Concept Store

Rua do Salitre, n.º169/169a


+351 213 874 536

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